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Ultrasonic Bath

Ultrasonic Bath

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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaning baths also known as Sonicators use the frequencies of Ultrasonic waves to clean samples

Principle of Ultrasonic cleaning : Ultrasonic (Ultrasound) is the sound which human beings cannot hear. Ultrasonic utilities frequencies 20mm and above 18 KH x (18,000 Cycles per second).

High frequency electrical energy is converted into ultrasound waves by means of Ultrasonic Transducers, which are bounded on the base of S.S. cleaning tank. Outer tank is also made of stainless steel polished. These high frequency sound waves create. In the liquid countless, microscopic vacuum bubbles which rapidly expand and collapse. This phenomenon is CAVITATION. These bubbles act like miniature high speed brushes, driving the liquid into all openings and minutes recesses of the object immersed in the liquid. Intense openings and minutes recesses of the object immersed in the liquid intense scrubbing of cavitations cleans away all the dirt and soil from the object immersed and the object is perfectly cleaned with either complete or little dismantling.

Transducers : PZT (Lead, Zirconate, Titanate) Sandwich type, high efficiency.

* Supplied with stainless steel lid & rack made out of S.S. Rod

* Higher efficiency solid   state circuits, with Auto tuning facility.

* Operating frequencies : 33 3 ±3 KHZ.

Available in various Tank sizes for suitability of requirements

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